Pre-Show - Introduction



Annually there are abundance of biomass been produced from the Crude Palm Oil (CPO) process, the ways or solutions on handling this biomass have been the challenges to the palm oil mills.
Rather than treating this biomass as "wastes" and have to throw them away, are there any solutions that can treat this biomass as "resources" and create values or even revenues?
This HRDF claimable Green Course is designed to answer the above question.

Course Overview
  • Process optimisation to enhance the value of biomass
  • The varied science and technology behind biomass industry and how the biomass products penetrate the commercial boundaries
  • Internal/external and micro/macro – Optimisation and Strategy
  • Supply chain optimisation

Learning Outcomes
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the basic optimisation tools to increase the values of biomass
  • Apply optimisation strategies for biomass and supply chain management
  • Develop the innovation and improvement skills to improve the sustainability of palm oil industry
  • Analyse and evaluate problems associated with supply chain management

Who Should Attend
Business people and senior managers from a wide range of interested parties and sectors, for example listed below:
  • CEOs, MDs, GMs, COOs, CTOs from oil palm group or company
  • Mill Managers, Senior Engineers, Engineers, etc from oil palm mill management level
  • Renewable Power Generators, Utilities & Fuel Producers
  • Green Project Developers, Transmission/Distribution Suppliers and Technology Vendors
  • Policymakers, Analysts, Academia and Consultants

  • The course is designed especially for industry player with simple and easy materials
  • The course is delivered through a mix of interactive presentation, discussion, multimedia, illustrative calculation and grouping work. (Participant is required to bring his/her own notebook)
  • The participants will be motivated to actively participate, and an openness to share your own ideas and expertise with others.
  • In addition to ample opportunities for interaction throughout the professional course, a networking dinner is included within the course fee.